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July 12, 2012

Remembering a Father

A beautiful poem about a special man.

I’ll especially remember you for the
Tenderness in your smile
For the gentle way you showed your strength
And your courage in the face of trial.
I’ll especially remember the compassion that you’d lend
To those who needed your understanding
And for the hurts you helped to mend.
I’ll especially remember you for the concern
You would show to the lonely and the forlorn
Giving them love, when emptiness was all they knew.
I’ll especially remember the way you loved us
With all your heart and soul
Beaming with pride over your children.

Poem copyright Marie Toole, all rights reserved.
Marie Toole is a Brooklyn girl, born and raised in Bay Ridge and the middle child of three sisters. She lives in the warm south in Delray Beach, Florida. She scrapbooks for her six grandchildren and loves being in the kitchen cooking and baking their favorites along with them. An avid reader who loves writing, she now has time to pursue what she loves most, after retiring from the travel business. She is a member of FanStory and has had many poems published in Prune Juice, Writing Excellence, and The Messenger, among other publications.

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