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April 15, 2015

Five Years On, and Grateful

I've written several posts on anniversaries related to loss. Today is my sister's birthday. Were she here, she would be 58. Her death was the motivation for me to start this blog. And this week, five years after her passing, I have spent substantive time looking at previous posts. What wonderful work is here! How grateful I am to every writer, artist and photographer who has contributed. Thank you so much. Your very souls reach out from this screen to other souls who need and want to hear what you have to say. Blessings, all. And happy birthday, sis.

Ysabel de la Rosa

I cry because you are not here
I cry because you are
I cry because you were beautiful and
light like a daisy in a gentle breeze

I cry because I grieve
I cry because I’m grateful

I cry from confusion over
how earth and heaven mingle
or do not, knowing that I hear
your voice just as clearly now
as I did once upon a time
in an old house with a big backyard
and a front porch where we called
baby ants "antlers" and you sang
like Louie Armstrong about Jesus

The tears slide down my cheeks
as memories float across my mind
and wonder stirs in my heart and soul
that you -brightly shining- ever were at all

And so the grief, and gratitude,
the deep, deep gratitude,
are mine, all mine, all mine