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July 22, 2012

A Tribute to the Father of Science Fiction

Ray Bradbury changed the world. With words. Changed and opened lives, minds, futures. With words. Poet Russell Salamon offers this beautiful tribute to the man who was a father to a 
host of readers, writers, and deep thinkers.


Ray Bradbury, High school photo

Unfinished Eternity

by Russell Salamon
In memoriam: Ray Bradbury

The body wore out working
the mind until the very last moment,
and the pieces of future lie strewn
on the workshop floor. Oh, those lovers,
those children of light, the star children
headed for Mars, those imaginations
fired up by Ray Bradbury, Ron Hubbard,
Robert Heinlein, those smoke filled
volcanoes cooking molten starfire--
something is different now that the
minds have printed their footsteps
in the path.

The unfinished eternity has picked
up blueprints and the planets wait;
winds of space wait for a fleet of minds
launched from books, visions wait
for the exodus. The future is planted,
minds blossom in the pull of moonlight.
We run after you, bodies still breathing
your sentences.

People who know, love your open
eyes which see into early nowhere
of new time, the soft gleam of nothing
under moonlight falling on dreams,
the sea currents rippling on our skins
with senses of saplings and grass winds
and smoke rising from a chimney where
you thought and spoke and visioned,

and envisioned, and saw again the
hands of Mankind opening to take
your senses into their senses
of light, reading the million colors
of a free mind like dense musics
of wet seacoasts. You left a dense
free land for the occupying forces
of love and life.
Poem, copyright Russell Salamon, all rights reserved.
A prolific poet, Russell Salamon is the author of eleven books of poetry. His work has appeared in Passager, Sunstone, Uncommon Ground, Daybreak, The Listening Eye, Saint Petersburg Russian-American Anthology, Peckerwood, Puckerbrush Review, Retooling for the Renaissance in the Third Millenium, Riverside Quarterly, Trace, and Dare, among others. He serves on the editorial board for California Quarterly, published by the California State Poetry Society. He has been a featured reader at many venues in California and New York, with one reading in London. In California: Moonday, Beyond Baroque, Autry Museum of Western Heritage, Mission Viejo Public Library, Laguna Poets, Bakersfield Art Gallery, San Louis Obispo, Riverside, Mission San Louis Rey, Moondog, among others.

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