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January 22, 2013

Such a Grace Note

Michelle Hartman's poem is a perfect grace note. It speaks to the availability of miracles, the ones that appear because we recognize them, not because some god on Mount Olympus blinds us with lightning. Reading it satisfies something deep within me.

Dias De Los Muertos

by Michelle Hartman

January eleventh
was the first day
we could have the funeral
afterwards we
boxed up
mourning accoutrements

sister pulls out small envelope
We found this in her things
a Halloween card
cute pumpkin imp
danced on front
Mom’s handwriting
Hope this card finds
you well and
thinking of me

I hugged the box of ashes
Yes, it did


Poem copyright Michelle Hartman, all rights reserved.
Michelle Hartman is the editor of Red River Review and her latest poetry book, published by Lamar University Press, is Disenchanted and Disgruntled.

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