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May 27, 2012

Life was good ... in the 50s

You are invited to travel back in time in this delightful poem by Mary Langer Thompson.



What was it
about moms in the 50s?

Did Dr. Spock tell them
to get a wooden spoon,
but never to hit a child
with it?
To save it
for rebellious times,
then get a gleam in the eye
and to say things like,
"If you think that
you have another think coming"
before chasing us
around the piano
and through the house
in the matching dress she
made for herself
and me,
laughing and looking
so beautiful
that it makes me ache
more to remember those days
than a whack
from that spoon
would have stung?

That must have been it
about moms in the 50s.

Poem copyright Mary Langer Thompson, all rights reserved.
Mary Langer Thompson’s poetry appears in various journals and anthologies, including Quill and Parchment, J Journal, and Off the Coast.  She is a contributor to Women and Poetry:  Tips on Writing, Teaching and Publishing by Successful Women Poets (McFarland). She is a proud member of the California Writer’s Club, High Desert Branch.  

Canister photo, Robyn MacKenzie, iStock Photo
Spoon photo, Stuart Bur, iStock Photo

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