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January 2, 2012

Writing of the Divine Author

And to begin our new year, a poem of praise and affirmation by Katherine Walker. 

CREDIT: NASA, ESA, R., F. Paresce, E. Young, the WFC3 Science Oversight Committee, and the Hubble Heritage Team

Master Poet Laureate of the Universe

Master Poet Laureate of the universe
your thoughts are ablaze in omniscient God glory.
You hold the love calipers of time and space
in the palm of your hands,
fling stars and planets throughout the universe
with a flip of your mighty wrist,

call sun and moon from their chambers -
sun to light the day —
moon to light the night.

Flash beams of light shoot from
the tips of your fingers,
tell of your magnificent strength and excellent power.
When you move
angels fall prostrate at your feet.

You write symphonies on the pages of
your leather-bound God journal so the heavens can sing
forth your praise.

You are music.
You are light.
You are life.
You are truth.

You are the Master Poet Laureate of the universe.
In you we find perfect salvation on Golgotha's hill
unearthed on that first Easter morn.

You are my song.
You are the reason I sing.


Poem copyright Katherine K. Walker, all rights reserved. 
Photo: A young, glittering collection of stars looks like an aerial burst. The cluster is surrounded by clouds of interstellar gas and dust—the raw material for new star formation. The nebula, located 20,000 light-years away in the constellation Carina, contains a central cluster of huge, hot stars, called NGC 3603.

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