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December 18, 2011

Memories and Celebration

 The following poem by Eileen Hector becomes more enjoyable for me every time I read it. She wrote this poem in honor of her mother who died before she could celebrate the 2000 Christmas with the rest of the family. While very personal to her own family, we can all relate to this poem and its beautiful message: honor the past, celebrate the present, look to the future.

I attended a performance of Handel’s Messiah today, which brought back many happy memories. Growing up, it was a family tradition for my sister and me to go with our father to a live performance of this wonderful music every year. Now, when I hear that music I know and love so well, I know that they would be saying what Eileen says in her poem: “You’ve got to celebrate Christmas Day! It’s just not going to go away!”

I hope this delightful poem will remind you of your loved ones and all we have to celebrate, past, present and future.

Grandma's Millennium Christmas

By Eileen Hector

How can we celebrate this season if Grandma is not here?
She made this holiday special, each and every year!
She would wrap the presents early and tuck them all away.
"Christmas is for the children" is what she used to say!

A musical windup, a Christmas tree,
a lighted village for all to see.
 Deck the halls from head to toe! 
Put out the Angels and let it snow! 
We all need to get ready for this Christmas Day!
That is what Grandma would have to say.
Twinkling lights on the rooftop go blink, blink, blink.
Fresh mistletoe over the doorway, a secret little wink.
It's hard to believe in Christmas if Grandma is not here.
But she wants us to get going and deliver some Christmas Cheer!
Everyone put out the green and the red!
Santa is coming with his gift-laden sled.

You've got to celebrate this Christmas day!
It's just not going to go away!

Put up the tree and then hang the star.
Bake holiday goodies and fill the cookie jar!
Sing the songs of Christmas true.
That is what she would want us to do!
Dress up the little ones for midnight Mass.
This Christmas day shall come to pass.

It won't be the same without Grandma here.
How are we supposed to spread holiday cheer?
Keep her memory of Christmas alive.
I think it's the only way for us to survive!
Know that she is with us as we gather here.

Concentrate - You'll see her almost everywhere.

You'll see her blowing kisses from Lily's little lips.
You'll hear her whisper "faster" as Lucas learns to skip.
You'll know she is with us when David comes through the door.
She will tell him not to “hang” his things up on the floor!
We will catch a glimpse of her when Gregory comes to town.
We'll hear her telling him, "I thought your hair was brown."
 We will see her happiness when Michelle becomes a bride.
She'll congratulate Jorden when he finally learns to drive.
 Phaedra with her many bags will learn to travel light.
She will hear her Grandma saying, 
"You don't need all that junk tonight!"
Helen Ann and Susie too often far away,
Will someday think of Grandma and not know what to say.

She'll be at rest knowing Kristina, Sarah, and Nick 
Understand that there are family members you just don't get to pick.
 Nathan with his father, though they grew apart, yet Grandma
 kept each grandchild in a special place within her heart. 

Now we have a Christmas angel to remember us each year.
Look very closely and you will see her near.


All but the last image come from a great blog, Artzee Chris' Cool Clipart
Visit her Cafe Press Store to see some of her original creations. A couple of my favorites are the Punk Rocker Snowman and the Baby Clock.

Poem copyright Eileen Hector, all rights reserved.

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