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November 23, 2011

Giving Thanks to Readers and Contributors

“Nothing is more honorable
than a grateful heart.”

While I know that Thanksgiving is mostly a North American holiday, I believe it "shares" easily. Our family tradition on Thanksgiving Day always included talking about what we were grateful for. 

This Thanksgiving 2011, I am especially grateful for the readers who have visited this blog. Thank you for "stopping by." I hope you have felt, as some readers have told me, that you were understood and supported here, that you were walking along a path where someone had taken you by the hand. One of the most important truths anyone can know during a time of loss or difficulty is that you are not alone.

To the contributors to this blog, I say thank you with all my heart. People in the UK, US, Russia, Germany, India, Argentina, Australia, Canada and Nova Scotia, Spain, the Philippines, and Germany, among other countries, have read your work. It has spoken to them, been meaningful to them, as it certainly has been to me. As a fellow writer, I am grateful to have connected with each and every one of you. Your artistry, I believe, makes this blog unique among other grief-support and grief-recovery resources. Thank you... and please continue to contribute!

A blessed time of Thanksgiving to all.

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