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October 25, 2011

Longing for ...

This poem by Nagore Sedano describes in a haunting, haiku-like way, the longing that comes with another’s absence—whether that absence is temporary or permanent.

Nagore Sedano

I wanna hear the echo
of my whisper in your ear,
touch the warmth of your depth
through your restless tear,
render the afterglow motion
of your straight waist,
catch the perfume of your beauty words.

Nagore Sedano was born in Bilbao, Spain, where she lived until her early 20s. While studying for her bachelor’s degree in communications at the University of the Basque Country, she studied abroad at the University of Worcester, England. Upon graduating in 2008, she received a fellowship from USAC (University Studies Abroad Consortium) to conduct a research program at California State University. While at CSU, Nagore was a Spanish teaching assistant and wrote for magazines. She has also lived in Idaho and Switzerland, where she worked as a Spanish professor and news analyst, respectively. She is currently a teaching assistant at the University of Nevada, Reno in the U.S. She writes in Basque, Spanish, French and English.

Post Poem & Text, Copyright Nagore Sedano, All rights reserved.

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