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October 15, 2011

Inside the Circle: Fifth and Sixth Days


Shabbat Shalom
Shabbat Shalom

The rest is upon us
               and may
the peace come soon
               come soon



Hard work: making peace with letting go. 
Process without recipe, no steps to follow,
or instructions. 
You just
            have to
            let go
or not.

You can fight. I know. I’ve waged a lifelong
battle, and more than once, shaken my fist
at heaven, ordering G-d to grant me power
and permission to keep my territory intact
despite death’s frequent invasions. I planned
to “win” by never losing anyone I love. I was – I am – 
like a child playing army in her front yard,
and, just as defenseless, I face once more
the ultimate improvisation, the act
one cannot train for, but must
against all instinct, do:
                        let go
                        let go

and when the pain grows great, read
Tagore and know: “The loss of that
which must go is unseemly when obstructed.”

In the name of the flowing and the graceful,
for the sake of the unobstructed view
that delivers our gaze into art’s true vision,
I ask G-d for the strength and the submission to
                        let you go
in spite of all that I want
because of all that I know to be true
and because you helped me discover that
clutter and clinging never border the
path to Beauty.

Image 1: Torah by Mil Lubroth
Image 2: A Place for Beauty by Mil Lubroth
Text, copyright Ysabel de la Rosa, all rights reserved.

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