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October 18, 2011

Completing the Circle: Final Day

This is the final part of my poem cycle Inside the Circle, dedicated to Mil Lubroth. To read from start to finish, scroll to the first post titled Inside the Circle, below.

Tuesday, the 8th day


What remains is a circle drawn
by you, one in which so many of us stand—
family and friends, students and teachers,
beret-wearers and Scottish dancers, speakers of
languages, builders of bridges, cigarette-smokers
and diplomats, research librarians, makers of good art
and some not so good, hobby philosophers, household help,
foreign correspondents, starry-eyed expatriates,
the famous and the not, a poet or two, and other
assorted “strangers in a strange land.”

The flower of you is gone, but the seed of all you
were stays planted in our hearts, warmed by memory,
watered by laughter and tears, forever growing in love,
that full-forever-circle state-of-being that
knows no, has no end. 

You’ve left your circle for us, as you move
one circle farther on – “practically next door” –
and though I cannot say or know or even dream how this can be,
I know you will move with us and within us
as we must now move on. It’s true:
It isn’t possible for You
to be gone. 

According to the circles
in the calendar,
it is time now   
to turn
            the page
                             with love –


Image: Brisa Nocturna by Mil Lubroth, all rights reserved
Text: Ysabel de la Rosa, all rights reserved.

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