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July 24, 2011

And now he has moved on ...

Saturn Letterpress Card. See below for resources.


I wrote in an earlier post that the son of a very close friend of mine was struggling against death, and now he is not. His soul departed this plane yesterday, July 23rd. Since speaking with my friend yesterday, the phrase "whipped into silence" continues to come to my mind.  Not whipped as in punished or beaten, but whipped as in a cooking event, stirred, folded, whipped into a great white mass of very fresh whipping cream. Silence.  White silence is what I feel inside me. The event is so large. I am so powerless. 

While in St. Paul recently, I visited an exquisite shop called Paper Patisserie, owned by Eileen Shapiro. Nestled in the ground floor of a 19th-century brick building, the shop offers very fine wrapping papers (beautiful enough to frame), meaningful and beautiful greeting cards of all varieties, affordable and excellent art by local artists, hand-milled soap, jewelry and Belgian chocolate. Don't go looking for the Paper Patisserie Website, though. The store does not have one. You have to experience this wonderful place the human, old-fashioned way: by going there!  To 366 Selby Avenue in St. Paul's Cathedral Hill neighborhood.  If you are anywhere near the Twin Cities area, you owe it to yourself to go to this shop.
I bring this up in this post, because I found sympathy cards like no others at Paper Patisserie. Some of them are created and printed by Saturn Press in Maine. If you cannot get to Paper Patisserie, you can find Saturn Letterpress cards at various sites online, including:  Cronin and Company, Northern Tides Gallery, and at Rikumo.

The card above is one I bought at Paper Patisserie and the one I will send to my friend. It's a good quote to be read on any day at any time, as well as at that uncompromising moment when we must look toward the horizon and bid farewell to someone we love with all our being--and then some.

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