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June 19, 2011

Father's Day, Still

It's been nearly five years now since my father left this earth. As with other close family members who have moved on to the next life, I have an unshakeable sense that he has left this place, but he has not and cannot leave me. There is something vast about the loss of a father, especially if  you have had the fortune to be close to yours, and if he has been a Good man.  The price one pays for this, though, is summed up well in the words of a friend of mine whose father died a few months ago:  "My world will never be the same." I knew better than to try to comfort her with words that weren't and couldn't be true, so I replied: "Yes, that's true. Your world will never be the same." 

And yet we know, we are still and will ever be our father's daughters. Nothing changes this. It is a fact, an eternal one, that even death is powerless to change. 

The poem below is one I wrote for my father and was able to give to him, while he was still here with us, after a family trip we had made to an island in North Carolina, with a lighthouse.  I post it with profound gratitude for the blessing that he was and is, in my life and in the lives of many others.


Ysabel de la Rosa
 Ode to a Lighthouse
for my father

Thou art
the place-of-high-seeing
that grants
the wide, the deep, the far
Wind does not bend you
nor wave break you.

I will look for thee
through all voyaging,
look to thee on all
homeward journeying,
knowing I cannot fail to
find thee, for time and
traveling have taught me:
should the light go out
in untoward circumstance,
thou wilt not, cannot cease
to shine.

Photo by Theasis of iStock Photo

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