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April 25, 2011

The Darkness and the Light

This poem by Steve Glazebrook offers the reader the yin and yang of the experience of loss / life. So often, the light we need comes from others.  Are we open to receiving it?  And, just as important, are we open to giving it when we see another who is in need of that light? 

Steve says that this poem not only reflects what he experienced, but also that the very act of writing it helped him to move through the loss and keep moving into his own future.
He has worked in the music industry and his sage advice to us is:
"Immerse yourself in the arts, for within lies the soul of mankind."

The Darkness and the Light

The Darkness

I'm lying here upon this bed, my heart feels numb, my soul feels dead.
I've tried so hard to quiet my mind, to close the doors and sanctuary find.
I cannot seem to slay my fears, but just find anger pain and tears.
The pain I feel inside, so deep--at times all too much--and I just want to weep.
The pain of my loss won't leave me alone, so I lock it away, as you unplug the phone.
So where is the light that I need to live?
I've struggled so hard and have no more to give.

The Light

Then along came the time that they sent me to you,
and it all seemed to change, as you knew what to do.
You welcomed me with open arms, to help me find the way.
To face my fears, and shed the tears, to take the pain away.
You gave me strength to make me strong.
You gave me hope to move along.
But most of all you gave me faith to help me in my fight.
To heal the wounds that life had left and help me see the light.
So to all of you that met me and helped me on my way.
Thank you, and may God keep you safe, both this and every day.

Steve Glazebrook


  1. Que hermosos poemas y cuanta luz en sus palabras y en las tuyas!!. Estar abiertos, dispuestos a dar, aún en nuestro dolor, es lo que nos conecta con ese misterio inmenso que nos llena de paz y de un amor incondicional y generoso.

    Gracias preciosa por tus bellas palabras

  2. Y a ti, amica mia. Durante estos últimos días he estado pensando en exactamente eso--cómo estar abierta y dispuesta a dar, aún en mi dolor ... el dolor no nos puede vencer, de eso estoy segura. Besos, miles, Ysabela

  3. i really enjoyed your poem. I felt all of the emotions that you were potraying. I could see the darkness and the bed. After that I could feel the light and happiness of moving on. Love it.