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March 27, 2011

Light and Love Sustain

The rest of Helen Schulman's Haiku for Japan:

The ground crumbles.
All that is familiar vanishes.
Light and love alone sustain

Earth in chaos.
Beautiful souls living life day to day
Suddenly gone.

Loved ones lost.
The tsunami of aging rages.
The river of change rolls on supreme.

Amidst the rubble,
The cries of a child.
The miracle of life goes on.

Helen Schulman spent seven years living in India during the 1970s where she practiced yoga and meditation.  While there, she was Editor-in-Chief of English publications for a popular ashram, at which time she edited a bi-monthly magazine and various books on Eastern philosophy.  She has a Masters in Social Work from New York University and has held various positions in the USA that involved editing as well as social work.   She has written poetry for many years.

Images from the Dover Collection of Japanese Art Deco

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