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September 9, 2012


I like the way in which this poem by Wilda Morris combines metaphor and memory and how it reminds me that reminders of my loved ones are present, perhaps even abundant...if I take time to look for them. Taking time is the key. What have you noticed today, what might you notice tomorrow, that will remind you of the eternal love that you still share with your friend or family member?


by Wilda Morris

for Katherine

Clouds diffuse the early morning light as I go
to the raspberry patch. I watch the bee
fly from leaf to leaf, the daddy-longlegs
explore. But here, on the grape vines,

where the foliage has turned to green
lace, I see coppery beetles, their armor
gleaming as they eat at the life force
of the vine, as leukemia ate yours.

For thirteen years you fought the onslaught
of one disease after another
with your own bright armor of faith
and courage, synthesis of hope and tears.

I pick the beetles off the vine, but could not
remove the cancer cells or fill the holes
they left in your immunity. These raspberries
remind me we still savor the fruits of your love.

Poem copyright Wilda Morris, all rights reserved.

Wilda Morris is past President and current Workshop Chair of Poets & Patrons of Chicago. Her poems have been published in numerous anthologies, literary journals and other publications, including Alive Now, MO: Writings from the River, and Seeding the Snow. Her blog, at  provides a monthly prompt and contest for other poets.


  1. well-drawn parallel with beautiful, rich detail

  2. I agree! I feel that I am out in the garden with the poet. Thanks for the comment, Nancy!